Musikfest 2010

Tommy Zito and Uproar appeared at the Bethlehem Musikfest Banana Island Lehigh St. Bethlehem PA. 18015
9:30 - 11:00pm, Monday August 9th, 2010 - Thanks for an amazing night!!!

--Evenings Member Line-Up:
--Fred Bernardo - Lead Guitar and Vocals
--Craig Coyle - Drums and vocals
--Billy Murnin - Keyboards and vocals
--Wayne Smith - Bass Guitar and Vocals
--Tommy Zito - Keyboards and Vocals
--Jim Keeler - Keyboards and Vocals - Uproar segment only
--Guest Member:
--Tony Corona (Formerly of Clue) - Sax and vocals

Press Release January 31, 2010

Uproar, originally formed in Bethlehem pa, was included in the Lehigh valley "music explosion" of the mid-sixties and beyond. They were among many great bands of this area, Who enabled the Lehigh valley to hold a prominent place in music of the era.

Uproar also holds a unique place in the musical history of Pennsylvania rock and roll. Despite numerous personnel changes from 1965 to 1980, uproar managed to maintain it's popularity in the public eye and performed for over 15 years. Their niche' in music was a combination of regional and national exposure through the years. Their two singles appeared in billboard magazine "bubbling under" the top 100. Uproar was the opening act for major artists such as three dog night, turtles, Bruce Springsteen, Left Banke, Leslie west, riders of the purple sage and rascals to name a few. However, there live performances were more important to fans, which left an impression on the Pennsylvania and new jersey music scene.

Uproar was unlike others who had come before them , as they were one of the first area groups to use special effects and arrangements to enhance their music and theatrics to add entertainment to performances. A primary goal was for people to have a good time. A testament to this was their "Tony and the tonics" tribute to the 50s. Combining music and comedy created a show rivaling that of Rickey and the rockets and the Sha Na Na shows of the early 70s.

Uproar played music of the 60s "golden age", when sounds of the Beatles, rascals, Dave Clark 5, Hendrix, temptations, BeeGees, and stones filled the air waves, and 70s when three dog night, Chicago, eagles, Doobie brothers, grand funk and electric light orchestra were popular. Factoring in the 50s show, it was not unusual to hear 30 years of music during one uproar performance.

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