--- With the Music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, becoming popular among the young generation of music lovers and with hundreds of request by fans Uproar organized a reunion show. For the first time in the annals of Uproar, 20 members of the group were be back together for the reunion of all reunions. Many of you are aware of their rich 15 year history, and as loyal friends and fans, played a major part in their success, this reunion was for you!!!

Last Reunion Shows
- UPROAR of the 70's August 09, 2010 - Click Here
- UPROAR 1968 August 04, 2008 - Click Here
- Uproar & Tonics Show on Feb 18, 2001
- Uproar Only October 10, 2000

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Tommy Zito Uproar
Tommy Zito Uproar

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Uproar Former Members



Joe Benkovic Guitar/Lead Vocals
Dave Birks Guitar/Lead Vocals
Fred Bernardo Guitar/Vocals
Joe Borelli Guitar/Lead Vocals
Fang Bruce Drums/Vocals
Arte Chadwick Guitar/Lead Vocals
Bob Cirocco Bass/Vocals
John Cline Guitar/Vocals
Craig Coyle Drums/Vocals
Dennis Douvanis Keyboards/Vocals
Bob Entler Guitar/Vocals
Curt Evns Guitar/Vocals
Gary Gosztonyi Guitar/Vocals
Jim Keeler Keyboards/Lead Vocals
Lenny Martucci Bass/Vocals
Byron Mellinger Lead Vocals
Billy Murnin Keyboards/Lead Vocals
Jimmy Nastasee Bass/Vocals
Ronald Reiterman Drums/Vocals
Bob Scammel Bass/Vocals
Ken Schroth Drums/Vocals
Wayne Smith Keys/Guitar/Drums/Lead Vocals
Tommy Zito Keyboards/Lead Vocals

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