Entertainment For all Occasions
(Including Weddings, Cruises, Casinos, Corporate Events, Clubs etc.)

Important Note:

If you are interested in booking Tommy Zito, please call now.
It is often necessary to call up to 2 1/2 years in advance for an open weekend date and 4 years ahead for major holidays.
We do occasionally have openings when a current client is forced to switch to a week night due to banquet facility availability so it never hurts to call and check on a particular date that you may be interested in.
If you are interested in any Fridays or Saturdays that might open up please call to be placed on our client waiting list.

Contact: Jan Zito @ (610) 261-1848 or (610)-207-8229
Summer/Cell (610) 504-1519

* Rates are based on the degree of difficulty of equipment load in time, travel time and the total time of your event.

* Private event hours begin at your scheduled guest arrival time.

* Major holidays: are double our regular none discount rate, others are rate and 1/2 unless otherwise agreed upon.

* We normally arrive approximately 1 hour prior to the guest arrival time, on easy load in sites, to set up and get a sound check before guests begin to arrive. (See Additional Provisions below)

Other Information

For Private Parties and Special Events - An average night usually consists of (3) 45 minute sets within your set hours (e.g..) 4-7:30, 6-10:00, 7-11 etc.

-- Two events are often booked on Fridays, Saturdays and sometimes Sundays so it is important that your event runs on time.

-- For weddings and anniversary parties, taped music is available between sets when requested and a special recorded or live

request or two, within reason, will be provided for your event, if a tape copy is submitted well in advance.

-- Shorter shows and special performances of less than 3 hours, only apply to events with a stage curtain, allowing equipment

to be moved immediately following a performance. Balance is due that day prior to the performance.

-- Also see Additional Provisions listed below.

Clubs and Restaurants

-- An average night consists of (3) 45 minute sets within 3 hours (e. g.), 7-10, 8:30-11:30, 9-12 etc. (See Additional Provisions below)

-- We have an extensive fan mailing list. Tommy's appearance schedule is printed up, four months ahead, is mailed to an extensive fan mailing list and is usually available at all venues. It is costly, but we provide this is service as a courtesy to fans and as extra advertising for our clients.

-- A discount rate is offered to small restaurants and clubs, on weekday bookings, whenever possible.

-- This rate applies to new clients for the first time in only.

-- Any discount arrangement we have with a restaurant or club, will be deemed void with less than four bookings per year.

-- Also, See Additional Provisions below

Additional Provisions

* Private events and private club do not appear on the schedule unless we are requested in advance to list them.

* Late bookings may not appear on our schedule, in which, purchaser advertising will be necessary.

* All contracts, written or oral, shall include a small meal for entertainer and assistant, as well as two seats at the table closest to the entertainment area.

* Additional time will be $100.00 per set. (At discretion of the entertainer). This depends on his next scheduled job and voice.

* For travel events, lodging shall be provided by purchaser for the night prior to, as well as, the engagement night when necessary.

Extended Travel Engagements * For engagements requiring over 3 hours travel time or when air travel is necessary, a minimum of $300.00 will be added to the principle rate for each travel day. Shipping costs for equipment, travel expenses, Lodging and airfare (for entertainer and Manager/assistant) must be paid in advance along with your deposit, unless prearranged by purchaser.

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