Tommy Zito and Uproar 2008 Reunion

Hi Just wanted to let everyone to know how deeply touched Tommy and I were by the sheer number of friends, family, fans & fellow musicians who attended Musikfest to support not only Tommy and Triple Play but, show Uproar of 68 such tremendous support, appreciation and audience response of their 40th Anniversary Show.

Although, there is a hectic time schedule and much to do between shows, with little or no time to talk to or personally acknowledge many in a crowd of hundreds, we want each and every one of you to know how much your attendance meant to us. Our appreciation is far beyond what words could express so, right now, all we can say is thank-you.

At one point Tommy and I looked at each other, overwhelmed and speechless at the out pouring of love and respect shown him which, he mentioned, was worth more than fame or anything, in life, that money could ever possibly buy. Because of this, for Tommy and the members of Uproar of 68, you made Mondays appearance at Musikfest, one of the top "10" moments of their lives.

We would also, at this time, like to acknowledge and thank Mike Oaks and crew of Sights &Sounds Multimedia of Claymont, DE. for getting it all on video. Due to Mike's generosity and the professional ability of he and his team, they captured the whole evening, including numerous shots and angles of the audience and has given us a priceless gift of memories that will be cherished for many years to come.

After our hectic summer schedule, during the upcoming months, we will be making arrangements to have all 4 show DVDs duplicated and available at appearances, to all of you who expressed great interest in acquiring copies.

Thanks again, to all who attended, Musikfest staff, techs, site personnel and everyone who made this years Musikfest appearance another great success.

Sincerely, Jan & Tommy Zito 8/18/08

2008 - UPROAR of 1968 40Th ANNIVERSARY SHOW - Drew a packed site at Musikfest. Venders estimated 750+
Members of this special anniversary show were:
JOE (FATS) BENKOVIC - Lead Guitar and Vocals
ARTIE CHADWICK - Guitar and vocals
KENNY SCHROTH - Drums, vocals
BOB SCAMMELL - Bass Guitar, vocals
TOMMY ZITO - Keyboards and Vocals